September 28, 2011

- B U T T E R F L Y !

The time has almost come!
The biannual Vogue Bamini Fashion Show is this Sunday October 2nd @ 12:00 pm at the Javits Center in NYC opening the ENK Children's Club Show.

When our Editor in Chief, Giuliana Parabiago announced the Butterfly inspired theme of our Fashion Show, it wasn't difficult for the Vogue Bambini team to start our crafts at the Conde Nast Intl offices...we just adore every small detail when producing our Show event !

Butterfly "Confetti"

Butterfly because is symbolizes change. Because it reminds us of Spring and this Fashion Show is dedicated to a preview of what is coming up for the next Spring/ Summer 12 season by the designers:

Andrew& Audrew, Baby CZ, Blu Pony Vintage, Cape Clogs, D&N Kids, Floatimini, Fournier, Kate Mack, Millions of Colors, Snopea, Umi, Zutano.

Hope to see you there!

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