March 17, 2013

Backstage beauty at Kids Fashion Week Fall 2013

Children's fashion wasn't the only thing that took center stage at the petitePARADE x Vogue Bambini Kids Fashion Week. See below for a summary of the Fall 2013 beauty trends that kept us buzzing all the way from backstage!


The hair stylists kept the hair soft and breezy since it's a children's fashion show. With our sponsor Hot Tot's safe and organic haircare products, you will be able to attain with children!

You can find more information about Hot Tot haircare products at their website


There was a posh n' polished manicure party going on backstage, courtesy of Little BU! Thanks to their non-toxic and easy wash formula, switching to a new nail polish shade was super easy -- the harder part for these girls was to pick which of the beautiful colors to try!

Photo courtesy of the Little BU Facebook Page

The Little BU mini mani corner - Equipped with a full rainbow palette of shades, nail polish dryers, and colorful jellybeans of course!

Getting nails done was a favorite backstage pastime at this season's shows-- for kids and adults alike!

Photo courtesy of the Little BU Twitter and Instagram feed
Beauté-gram: Our pretty models pick their favorite shades from the collection! Did you know each of these colors has a cute girl's name? Sofia, Alexi, Savannah...You'll find one that's your favorite!

For more information about Little BU's toxic-free varnishes, visit their website!

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