June 25, 2013

Vogue Bambini Photographer Shares His Favorite Father Moments & Way to Capture Them

        Though Father's Day has past, lets not stop celebrating those special dad's in our lives just yet.
Stefano Azario, a celebrated VOGUE Bambini and children photographer - who recently shot his 20th anniversary issue cover to cover, shared his favorite moments with his 5 bambini.

Five children, with ages ranging from 23-6 years old, Azario surely had a lot to celebrate this past fathers day. With the recent purchase of a new home, Azario shared with petitePARADE his excitement to stay home and relax with his children for Father's Day. 

Azario also shared tips and tricks in taking the perfect moment capturing photos. For small infants Azario suggest kneeling or laying down to their eye level. Keeping a very simple background, Azario suggest, "the eyes are the window to the soul. In a picture, you’re trying to capture a piece of their spirit. The feeling of wonder and awe. My pictures are always extremely simple, but capture exactly that."

Read more from this interview here. And check out some of our favorite - and the just darn cutest - Stefano Azario photographs.

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