July 30, 2013

Child Prodigy : DJ Kai Song

Children really know no boundaries when they are given the freedom to explore their interest.

No one told DJ Kai Song  that he had to wait and become an adult before he could start being a professional DJ.

With the full confidence to grow and learn, at just 9 years old, DJ Kai Song has quickly become a favorite amongst the DJ community.  
Most of all, he is completely adorable and can really speak to what he does in the most professional manner.

Photographer Kymberly Marciano had the opportunity to sit down and speak with DJ Kai Song when she saw him at last falls Petite Parade & VOGUE Bambini Kids Fashion Week, where he DJ'ed several shows, including the Target, and Swarovski events.

Here are a few facts about the DJ Prodigy she learned:

-The first song DJ Kai ever listened to was Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. He described the song making him feel,  "happy and want to sing".

-Growing up on a house filled with DJ equipment, (his 'papa', as he calls him, owns a DJ rental company) DJ Kai remembers being 2 or 3 when he started to ask for DJ-ing lessons.

-He is just like any other kid! After he is done with school, DJ Kai will participate in a number of  extra curricular activities, including soccer, Taek-Won-Do football and tennis! He also really enjoys playing with Lego's.

-What's on his iPod : He is currently listening to Tiesto: United, Zedd: Clarity, Krewella: Alive.

-Most inspiring of all, when asked what advice he would give to other creative kids, "you have to have a passion for what you are doing. And practice a lot!"  That's advice even the child in us can put to use.

First Gig At Children's Museum of Arts in NYC at 5 years old


This makes us wonder, what other amazing things can kids do when we don't put limits to their imagination?
If you have an extraordinarily talented kid, let us know in the comment section below!

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