September 11, 2013

Recommend Reading: Children of Israel

     While you may not normally pick up a coffee table book for a bedtime story, Children of Israel, by award winning photographer Luca Zordan and international fashion stylist Alethea Gold, should be the exception.

   Compiled of moving photographs, set behind beautiful Israeli landscapes, and a range of diverse stories by children in a variety of cultures, Children of Israel proves that peace is possible.

    Even more, 100% of the book profits will be donated directly to the Nurit Absorption Centre in Beer Sheva, an organization that assists Ethiopian refugee children. The Nurit Absorption Center has agreed to use 100% of the funds specifically to fund schooling, sports and art activities for the children.

With a book this great, it is no surprise why we are so delighted about its release. And any parent can attest that there is no greater love than the love for your child, so sit with your children and go through this book together. Continue Children of Israel's mission to spread love and compassion that children so naturally carry in their hearts.

    Take a scroll through to seek a peak inside and read stories of some of the children.

To learn more about the Children of Israel book visit : 
 go buy it now! Available on AMAZON

Zordan and Gold have teamed up before on similar projects creating Children of China and Children of Africa: South Africa Edition.

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