October 9, 2013

Baked by Melissa Helps Make "Truly Scrumptious" 1st Birthday Even More Delicious!

What do you need when celebrating a milestone birthday? Cake, Duh!
 What's even better than cake? 
Our friends, Baked by Melissa, did an incredible job helping Truly Scrumptious celebrate their 1st Birthday at petitePARADE this past weekend with an amazing 2,500 +  cupcake logo display.

But Baked By Melissa doesn't reserve their cupcake art just to fashion events.
 You can also order
your very own cupcake art for any event with cupcake displays starting at 100 cupcakes!
Their website allows you to build your own cupcake art and they  can even ship.
How cool it that?!
For more information, visit, www.bakedbymelissa.com

1 comment:

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