October 3, 2013

HOT TOT'S Trauma-Free Techniques

Let's face it, we love our kids but hair do's and cuts can often be a daunting task. petitePARADE VOGUE Bambini Kids Fashion Week official hair sponsors, HOT TOT shares tips and tricks for parents to deal with these far to common morning difficulties.

We break down their tips and tricks into 3 easy steps!
1. Select a Place Where Your Child Will Be Happy.
Hot Tot suggest, "If you're styling a child who is old enough to sit up, choose a place where they can focus on something other than their hair." ie.  a highchair so your child can be snacking at the same time. Or on the counter by the bathroom, so water can drip on their toes.       
2. Have The Right Tools.
Given the tots sensitive scalp, avoid using an adult brush. Using a soft brush, a wide tooth comb and a spray bottle filled with water is always helpful. If your tot has finicky tangled hair, try Hot Tot's Condition Detangler.  Additionally, foam curlers are a safe alternative to heat style, where you can achieve the same look without any risk!
3. Choose a Hairstyle.
While the amount of hair your baby is born with can vary greatly, a simple curl is always suitable for any gender. A headband or clip can help distinguish gender. Pig-Tails and bobs are always favorites for girls. Where side parts and faux hawks tend to be a fav for little boys.
Take a look at HOT TOT's website for hair ideas!


 With a specialized formula, safe ingredients and holding a social and sustainable responsibility beliefs, HOT TOT's is something you can definitely feel good about when styling your tot's hair.


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